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Receive Text Messages Online

Adding an inbound text number or short code (e.g. 60777) to your marketing strategy gives an easy, low-cost way for customers and prospects to contact you instantly, providing leads and accurate contact numbers. Whether you want to expand your contact database or receive replies by two way SMS communications, we have the service for you.

Key Benefits of all our Receive SMS Services

Free email forwarding

We can automatically forward all inbound messages to you via email for free. You can have these sent to multiple email addresses and can reply via email and we will send on as a text message.

Email auto-reply for brochures

When an email address is contained within an inbound text message, an email can be sent back for FREE. The email can contain attachments which is great for sending brochures.

Easily store numbers

All mobile numbers, the message sent and date and time of receipt are stored in your private inbox. You can export all this information or send a text to these numbers at a future date.

FREE to receive

It costs you nothing to receive replies to texts. The text will cost the sender either their standard network text charge or use one of their free texts.

Scheduled automatic replies

In addition to the auto-reply, you can also select to send auto-responses after a specific period of time.

Forward to a URL

You can automatically forward the message to a URL, so that your systems can receive the message - this could be built into a message system on your website or into a CRM application.

Automatic replies

You can automatically reply to a text message with another text - this might include more information, a link to your website or just a simple "We'll be in contact" message.

Forward to mobile

You can also forward all inbound messages to your mobile. This will cost one credit to receive the message.

Postcode lookup

Automatically send a geographic based message based on an incoming text message containing a post code - this could be a "Find your nearest restaurant".

Forward to a group

Forward inbound messages to a pre-selected group. This will cost one credit per message per number in the group.