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Text Solution

Case Study -Armagh Market Place Theatre - Kieran Mullan

Business Need

How are you using text service? Use it generally on a monthly basis to let the Public know of special shows, new season activities, big events ie pantos, festivals or events that aren't advertised or in our programme.

Type of messages? New season activities, links to website eg. book early. We use a saved template for some messages, but depending on message we can adapt it to suit what we need and want to send.

Where and how do you get the mobile no? At point of sale, when customer is booking we request names, mobile no's etc also online booking we ask for details and out at events ie. shopping centres, shows, tourist board events we have a card that the public can complete with their details and are entered into prize draws.

Adding contacts? Very easy and quick no problems at all.

Report section We don't use, but when the message is sent its gone!

Key word Is MPT and we renew this every year, its most helpful and important that the public know who or where the message is coming from.

Online Solutions, how helpful or what support? Always there to help with any queries, Roy gave us training and always on hand to support us.

New service? Yes we are very interested in this and would appreciate if Roy could talk us through this.

Case Study on North Down Council - Clare Caughey
Business Need

How are you using text service? We use it every month to put out messages about events for tourism, ie. festivals, weekend entertainment, acts that are playing etc. Our messages include what events are on, where taking place, times, tickets details etc

Where and how do you get the mobile no? At events we collect email addresses and mobile numbers and its a standard procedure for anyone buying tickets, they are asked for their email address and mobile number. On our visitors guide there is a space for the public to text for information, another way for us to find mobile numbers.

Adding contacts? This is very easy, no problems and typing up messages, very straightforward to do. We don't use a template, we type up whatever the message is as it changes all the time depending on the event coming up.

Report section We don't use this as yet, but we can see the messages being sent and we as staff also receive these messages therefore we are content that the system is sending messages ok

Online Solutions, how helpful or what support? Very helpful, well setup, we had online training and Roy also provided a booklet, and its a big help when the business is local. Ordering text is easy, just a phone call to Roy.

New service? Yes we would be interested and would appreciate Roy talking us through this.

The service is very user friendly and very helpful in promoting our events, another channel to communicate with our visitors.

Case Study Armagh Council - Diane Connolly
Business Need

How are you using text service? It's used for internal messages to pass on details of job vacancies to our staff, we have 500 staff and to remind them of occupational health appointments.

Do you use a template or create your own message? Create our own message, allowed up to 160 characters which is sufficient for information we need to send. Our messages include details on job vacancies within the council. The system is very easy to use and to type up a message.

Where and how do you get the mobile no? We have a standard letter which is given to all staff and now any new staff to complete with details including mobile numbers for this purpose. The system is very easy to add contacts, very quick and most efficient way of passing on messages.

Adding contacts? Very easy and quick no problems at all.

Report section The report section is most useful, lets you know when the message has been sent and no one can say they have not received a message.

Online Solutions, how helpful or what support? Most helpful and it's great you can contact Roy at any time. Any problems or queries were dealt with immediately. When ordering text messages it's just a matter of ringing Roy and it's done in less than 20 minutes.

New service? The new service is not required at the minute.

All round this has proved most helpful system for Armagh Council as it's such a quick efficient way of passing information round our staff