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Monitoring. This keeps a permanent eye on the state of websites, servers or databases, and sends out automated alerts to staff - often by SMS - as soon as something goes wrong.

Needless to say, the usage of TextSolution's comprehensive bulk SMS messaging services and infrastructure isn't solely limited to the internal workings of a particular business in the IT sector; it also serves as ideal way to market said business; or stay in contact with existing customers. Customers can be sent alerts on when to update key software, along with links to relevant Make real-time, accurate SMS communications a reality with simple API coding

TextSolution work with a wide variety of computer and technology businesses. Size and sector specifics do not matter; any business in the IT sector as a whole that would benefit from direct, easy-to-understand internal or external communication has something to gain from the use of TextSolution's service.

Uses range from fully coded API integration to the sending of accurate, real-time SMS alerts from websites, servers and CRM applications to PC repair specialists who send confirmation text messages to notify customers that their machine is fixed and ready to be collected.

Many businesses, particularly those with large corporate networks, or those with a big online presence, rely on some form of network download areas; or receive up to date warnings of the latest cyber security risks, along with details of how to secure their systems.

The possibilities are endless; bulk SMS messaging is an ideal fit for the IT sector in a multitude of ways!

System failure alerts

Simple coding with your network means that SMS alerts can be sent to the relevant people as soon as something goes wrong, or to confirm that everything is running smoothly

PC repair notifications

Alert customers by text message when their machine is ready to be collected, reminding them of opening times and costs

Send details of PC repairs and costs

Attach a breakdown of repairs and costs as a link in a text message as a Word doc, PDF or Power Point