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How To Build An Opt In List

It's easier than you think

How can I gather mobile numbers?

Gathering opt-in numbers is easy. You can either use a Short Code, paper or online forms, QR code or collect them manually. Once collected, these numbers can be added to your contact list for future campaigns. Of course, remember to include your opt-out path in the messages you send.

textsolution make collecting mobile numbers simple

You can start collecting mobile numbers in minutes through the use of one of our Short Codes. As soon as someone texts in, their number is added to your Inbox in Messenger and an auto-reply message is immediately sent back to them (if you chose to set one up).

Then at a later date, you simply select your Inbox, type a message and press send and all your opt in mobile numbers will get your text. It really is that simple.

How do I get people to text in?

There are numerous ways of getting people to text in to your short code.

Remember though, just because you advertise a short code doesn't mean that people will automatically text in - you need a strong WIFM (What's In it For Me). Some good reasons why people will be happy to give you their number include:

  1. Offers and Promotions - People will text in if they know they will get discounts, offers or special invitations etc.
  2. Brochure Requests - Encourage people to text in to receive a brochure to their phone, email or both
  3. Confirmations and Reminders - These are helpful for the recipient and have the added benefit of reducing missed appointments
  4. Alerts and Information - Due to its immediacy, text is perfect to send out urgent alerts and information
  5. Discount Codes - Everybody enjoys a discount, so what better reason for texting your Short Code
  6. Text to Vote - Run an easy to use text to vote system to gather information, polls and opinions
  7. Text to Win Competitions - Ask people to text your short code for a chance to win a prize